Fairy tales, adventure, creativity... and wine. 

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to Megan Ever After, my personal lifestyle blog, where I explore making my world a happier place and share that adventure with you! I'm Megan and I'm so excited you're here!

Here are some things I'd like you to know about me:
  • I'm in my early thirties and single, but don't feel defined by either of those things. 
  • I have an amazing family who I'm really close to. 
  •  I have incredible friends sprinkled all over in Oklahoma, Michigan, Nevada, Texas and beyond! 
  • I have a career that I'm crazy in love as an Instructional Designer specializing in eLearning and multimedia Development. I blog about that over at Learntastic, if you're into that sort of thing...
  • I'm a Sooner and proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma.
  • I'm a proud Disney fan - the Mouse, the Princesses, the movies, the parks... I love it all.
  • Before moving back to Ohio, I lived in Las Vegas for 3 1/2 years and Michigan for 4 1/2 years. 

Megan Ever After has evolved from my first blog Love, Megan. Love, Megan was built around the idea of writing open letters about all sorts of different things and, while it was fun, I got a severe case of writer's block and sort of ignored it for a few years.

Here are some of my favorites:

Those open letters make up a pretty big part of my archive and are a lot of fun, but Megan Ever After has a different focus.


I write about all sorts of things - dating, career goals, wine, clothes, crafts, cooking. A post can be a review, rant, tutorial or story - but everything fits into the following categories:

  • My Style: This category covers shopping, fashion, hair and beauty. I'd describe my style as "classic with a twist." I love timeless wardrobe pieces paired with trendy jewelry! And sometimes, I have pink in my hair. I'm tall and mostly leg, so I have a unique experience with shopping and fashion and tons of tricks for finding amazing pants!
  • Wellness: This category covers health, diet and exercise. In the first half of 2014, I lost 35 lbs with Weight Watchers and have a lot of tips to share. I also have a way to go and will share that adventure as it unfolds.
  • Create: This category covers crafts, photography, writing, video and digital art. Art and Creativity have been a part of my everyday life since I was a kid. This category gives me a chance to share ideas and show things I've tried off of Pinterest!
  • Yum: This category covers breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, dessert and cocktails! It includes recipes, restaurants and reviews. I try ideas off of Pinterest and let you know how they turned out and if you need to change anything to make it work.
  • Cleveland: This category covers all things local to the Cleveland area. Look for restaurant reviews, ideas for things to do, and maybe something about Lebron. 
  • Life: This category covers family and friends, dating, career, finances and things that make up the everyday. 
  • Celebrate: This category covers holidays, parties, birthdays and other celebrations. I love theme and I love a celebration! 
  • Pop Culture: This category covers TV, movies, music, books and gossip. 


In addition to these categories, I have several series I'll keep updated:

  • Winetastic: This series covers my favorite wines and wineries. No fancy wine talk here, just wineries that are awesome, wine I love and food the wine goes great with!
  • Beertastic: Similar to Winetastic, this series covers my favorite beer and breweries! I love craft beers and local breweries and these posts will help you find my favorites.
  • Out and About in the CLE: I haven't lived in my hometown full-time since I graduated from high school. So much has changed in Cleveland over the last 15 years, I'm so excited to explore it and share those adventures with you!
  • The Search for Charming: Let's be honest, we love hearing about someone else's dates... So, while I'm looking for Charming, this series will chronicle the journey to my happily.
  • I Tried It!: Everyone loves Pinterest and I'm no exception.  This series covers my attempts at duplicating the recipes, tutorials, crafts and other things I fall in love with on there.  Consider it a trial run before you give those pins a try!

Warning: Wears a Tiara

You may notice a *bit* of a theme - Ever After, Fairy Tales, Charming... I might have a bit of a Princess complex... But it comes from a good place.
I learned at a very young age that being a princess isn't about having the prettiest dress, it's about treating others with kindness and love and being the best you possible.

I do my best to live by this every day.
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