Monday, October 6, 2014

Swedish Hill's Viking Red {Winetastic}

A few weeks ago, we went on a family trip to the Finger Lakes in New York.  One of the wineries we went to was called Swedish Hill.  Since our family has some Swedish heritage, we were really excited to check this one out.

I loved a lot of their wines - the Glogg and their Viking white were fantastic and so was this great Red we had last night for Sunday dinner.

The Details

  • Alcohol content - 12%
  • Residual sugar - 0.05%

To give it a try, you can buy online or find a place to buy near you (NOTE: They have a limited distribution area).

Tasting Notes

Viking Red is semi-dry, with a strong  berry finish.  It's pretty tart and can leave that sort of tangy feel on your tongue you get from too much sour candy.

It's definitely a drink-with-food wine and it paired fantastically with the filets, green beans and baked potatoes we had.


Not a favorite, but I'd definitely drink it again!


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