Thursday, October 9, 2014

Happy (belated) Birthday, Tiffany and Happy (early) OU/TX Weekend! {Throwback Thursday}

When I was in college, this week was pretty much my favorite week ever.  One of my partners in crime's birthdays AND a holiday weekend?  The best.  Wait, what?  You don't know of a holiday the second-ish Saturday in October?  OH!  You must not have gone to the University of Oklahoma or the University of Texas.  It's OU/TX weekend, y'all!  And this week, I'm throwing back with some pics from the craziest of all the College celebrations.

But first, Tiffany.

I met Tiffany just after I turned 21 and we became fast friends.  We had a blast - we got in trouble together, went to concerts, parties, after parties... and at some point managed to find time for school.

We definitely bonded during our first OU/TX trip - and spent the next 3 years making memories that I'll never forget.  In 2004, Tiff turned 21 the night before we left for Dallas.  It was my last OU/TX weekend and kicking it off with her 21st birthday made it epic.

Here are just a few pictures from our shenanigans.
I *think* this is after a show. // September, 2003 // OKC, OK
This is the morning AFTER her 21st birthday!  Look how adorable she is. // October, 2004 // Tulsa, OK
After a concert.// May, 2005 // Tusla, OK
Celebrating my graduation at O'Connell's // May, 2005 // Norman, OK

Oh... OU/TX

We looked forward to it every year and every year we were sort of miserable.  Did you ever have something that looking back on seemed so much more awesome that it actually was?  So awesome, that you got psyched for it every year... and then time came - you got there and you were like, "Oh.  This isn't THAT awesome. Let's slap on a big fake smile {it's called the Texas smile.  Ask anyone.*} and power through it."  

Except for some reason it IS awesome - hangovers, tattoos, fights, Dick's Last Resort, laughing, burnt orange and crimson everywhere, whiskey, beer, dancing, the riot police, Deep Ellum, a million people shoved into a hotel room and football at some point... It was awesome.  And NOT surprisingly, I don't have a ton of pictures from the years I went.  Here are a few from 2004 (the ONE year I took photos, apparently).
Getting ready for the road trip.  // October, 2004 // Norman, OK

That gesture actually means "I love you" in our language. Also? Those are empty cartons.  I think the beer is in the bathtub... // October, 2004 // Dallas, TX

My 3rd and final tattoo - 2/3 of my tattoos I got from this same guy on two different OU/TX weekends.  It's a thing.  // October 2004 // Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX
This was seriously SO late (early?) and I don't even know what we were still doing up. // October 2004 // Dallas, TX
 I'd LOVE to go to Dallas for OU/TX weekend again and some day I will - hopefully with a lot of the same people I went with back in the day.  I know these future trips will NOT be the same... except for maybe the tattoo... I could use another tattoo.  

And Tiff?  Happy Birthday, again.  I love you!

*Ok, so my friends and I made up the "Texas Smile" - when I say 'ask anyone,' I mean anyone I know. :)


  1. I have no memory of that photo happening

  2. This was an amazing trip down (what memories are left of) memory lane 😊 Those were the (crazy) days! Thanks for posting this Megan, you're the best! LYL!!!

  3. AND, Oh You SLUT, that day-after-21st-birthday pic...dear lord, it's 10 years old.


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