Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My Top 10 90s Albums (+ a Playlist!)

I think the music from the 90s rivals the music from the 60s in terms of quality, diversity, impact and longevity. I could totally write a thesis about it. I might have a bias because I grew up during the 90s, but I'm still pretty sure I'm right.

 Here are my top 10 90s albums, in no particular order, complete with a Grooveshark playlist for your listening pleasure!

Yourself or Someone Like you (Matchbox 20) - 1996

My favorite album for a LONG time - I still know every word to every song.  I'm pretty sure my brother does, too - although he never voluntarily listened to it.  ;)  

Favorite song: I literally can't pick.  I love this ENTIRE album.  

Third Eye Blind (Third Eye Blind) - 1997

By far, Third Eye Blind's best album, it's pop-y and gritty at the same time.

Favorite song: Jumper (which I heard for the first time during the first episode I ever saw of Road Rules on MTV... they had to make a music video for it)

Dookie (Green Day) - 1994

The coolest kid I knew in junior high had this album.  I had never heard Green Day before.  My life was changed.

Favorite song: Basket Case

Soundtrack from Romeo + Juliet (Various Artists) - 1996

This just might be the best movie soundtrack of all time...

Favorite song: It's a toss up between The Cardigans' Lovefool and Garbage's #1 Crush.  

Tragic Kingdom (No Doubt) - 1995

This album introduced me to No Doubt and Gwen. It changed the way I thought about fashion, girl-lead bands, and shaped a lot of what I still think is cool.

Favorite song: Spiderwebs   

Rock Spectacle (Barenaked Ladies) - 1996

I've seen BNL live about 10 times and, to be honest, love their live stuff way more than their studio stuff.  Rock Spectacle is the best of their live shows - the bantering, the audience interaction - combined with some of their best music.

Favorite song: Brian Wilson

Nevermind (Nirvana) - 1991

If Tragic Kingdom changed the way I think about fashion, music and what's cool - Nevermind changed me.  Profoundly.  

Favorite song: Something in the Way

Version 2.0 (Garbage) - 1998

One of my best friends in high school was crazy obsessed with Garbage and it was contagious.  I fell in LOVE with them just before the release of Version 2.0 and was blown away when it came out.

Favorite song: Special

Weezer [The Blue Album] (Weezer) - 1994

Quintessential album of a totally 90's band.  

Favorite song: Buddy Holly (it was the Happy Days video... I was a sucker for Nick at Nite)

CooleyHighHarmony (Boyz II Men) - 1993 (re-release)

Slightly off "style" from the other 9 albums, but I loved my Boyz II Men.  Also, this album is awesome, fun and beautiful.

Favorite song: End of the Road (my first boyfriend "asked me out" during a slow dance to this song in the 7th grade.)

And that's the list! 

It's by no means all inclusive.  I've defintely left out some amazing bands with amazing albums, but these are my favorites.  How about you?  What are your favorites?

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