Thursday, September 25, 2014

September Birthdays, Part 3 {Throwback Thursday}

This week is the last entry in the September Edition of Throwback Thursday and it's dedicated to one very special Aunt.
We are seriously SO cute.  // 1986 and 2012 // Euclid, OH and Burr Ridge, IL

My Aunt Fern and I share a birthday!  We were both born on September 21st, 59 years apart.    I've always thought that was so cool. Growing up, she lived very far away in Florida.  We went to visit her and my Uncle Cliff the summer I was 5 - it was an excellent vacation.  I honestly still remember a lot of it! I had the cutest bathing suit - a two-piece!! - and I got the worst sunburn.  I learned to swim on that vacation, too... and went to Disney World for the firs time - I could just keep going.

Here are some pictures from when I was really little and one from Aunt Fern's 90th Birthday bash a couple years ago.
Look how pretty and tan everyone is!! // 1982 // Euclid, OH

There's so much I love about this picture - but my favorite part?  My grandma and I totally look like pilgrims.  I do love a theme. Also?  I actually remember that pumpkin.  It was stuffed cotton. // 1985 // Euclid, OH

Celebrating 90 and 31 in style! // 2012 // Burr Ridge, IL

These last few weeks covered just a few of the September birthday girls in my life... There are actually quite a few more girls and birthday boys that are celebrating this month, too!

Happy Birthday, Virgos!  Hope September was awesome for you.

Special thanks to my Aunt Nancy for the pictures... all of the pictures.  She's the best.


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