Thursday, September 18, 2014

September Birthdays, Part 2 {Throwback Thursdays}

Like I said last week, September is birthday month!  This week, we're throwing back with a few more lovely birthday girls.


Marissa is the only child of one of my bests from high school.  She was born just 5 days before my 26th birthday and she turned 7 this week, on September 16.  She's awesome and I'm happy I get to see her more now that I'm home.
Marissa, her mom, Kati and me in 2007 about a week after she was born // Mentor, OH
Kati and Marissa at my 30th birthday, 2011 // Mentor, OH


Alex is one of my cousins.  Born September 22, the day after I turned 13, she and I have always had a special bond.  She's smart, funny, sarcastic and beautiful.  I love her very, very, VERY much.
The location and occasion of this is up for debate but I'm 99% sure (based on hair, outfits and how we both look) that it's the summer after 9th grade which would make it 1996.  I'm 14 - almost 15 and she's 1 - almost 2.  // Cleveland, OH
Christmas 2000, I'm 19 and Alex is 6 // Mentor, OH
Celebrating our birthdays in 2007, I'm 26 and she's 13. That's how old I was when she was born! // Mentor, OH


My Grandma Peg passed away in 2006, but I always think of her this time of year.  Her birthday was September 16th.  She would've been 89 this year.
Grandma with my Dad in the Spring of 1951 // East side of Cleveland, OH


Also, it's my birthday.  On the 21st I turn double 3.  Thought I'd share some throwback birthday pics.
What 16th birthday is complete without a feather boa and tiara?  // Mentor, OH
Photographed by miss Marissa at my 30th birthday part in 2011 // Mentor, OH
As you can see, I'm in super good company this month. Happy Birthday, lovelies!

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