Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Birthdays, Part 1 {Throwback Thursdays}

I can relate a short theme to every month, as I'm sure most people do.  They're usually tied to the holiday that occurs that month or the big occasion.  January is winter, February is love, March is lucky, April is Easter, May is flowers, June is sunshine, July is summer, August is back to school, October is Halloween, November is Thanksgiving and December is Christmas.  So, where does that leave September?

September is birthday month!  

My birthday falls on the 21st and so many people I know and love have birthdays this month - including the two lovelies we're throwing back with today.


Tomorrow, on September 12th, I'll be sending love and birthday wishes to one of my oldest friends.  Jessy and I have been friends since the 7th grade!  For anyone who's counting, that's 21 years.  Our friendship can officially drink.  Jess and I finally live in the same state as each other for the first time in at least a decade and I can't wait to get to know her world now.  Since most of my stuff is in storage, I don't have any awesome pics of us from the earliest days, but here are some that definitely qualify as throwback:
Unknown Bar Patio, Willoughby // Summer, 2005
Howl at the Moon, Cleveland // March 2006
Mongolian BBQ, Coventry // September, 2006
Howl at the Moon, Cleveland // May, 2009


On September 13th, the love and birthday wishes will be going out to Oklahoma.  Amy and I met in college and she quickly became part of what was an exclusive group of girlfriends.  We didn't like a lot of people, but we loved each other.  I'm not sure the amount of fun I've had with Amy is even legal... Now, she's married and the mother of two beautiful children.  She's also part of the family I picked for myself - my Oklahoma family.  No matter how long between visits or how much we both grow up, I never forget why we became friends back at OU.  Here are some pics from college and a recent trip:

O'Connell's, Norman, OK // May, 2005

O'Connell's, Norman, OK // May, 2005

Tom's House, Outside of Norman // May, 2005
Sunset Celebration, Key West // September, 2011
I love you, both!  Happy, Happy Birthday.  

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