Friday, July 25, 2014

Ways in which LeBron James and I are the same: A List

At first glance, it may seem like LeBron and I have nothing in common.  But look closer and there are 4 VERY important ways we are the same.

We both....

4. Would be terrible at each other's jobs.
3. Fancy ourselves royalty. People call him King James and anyone who knows me knows I'm a princess.
2. Shopped at the same Target in Las Vegas (@Rainbow and Spring Mountain, if you're wondering) on the same day at the same time back in 2007.
1. Moved home to the Cleveland area in 2014!

Yes, you read right.

I'm home, y'all! 4 months now and it's time to get back to more things I love.

Look forward to the re-premiere of Love,Megan in the next week coming weeks. I'm *pretty* sure it's one of the reasons LeBron's coming home.

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