Friday, February 10, 2012

You're Getting Very Sleepy

Is anyone else exhausted? I mean, eyes heavy, body dragging by 4PM kind of exhausted? In the last month I have slept more than in the 3 months before that combined. I get home from work and instead of being excited for drinks with a friend or a new episode of Castle, I’m wondering if 7:30 is too early to climb in to bed. (In case you’re wondering- 7:30 is too early, but 8:30 is NOT).

About a month ago I was really sick for the better part of week- high fever, aches, the whole nine yards. All I did for those 4 days was sleep, answer emails from work, sleep, watch really bad movies, sleep, eat and sleep. I went back to work on the 5th day and I was still tired. I got home from work that night and was in bed before 8. This started the vicious cycle of sleeping for 12 hours and waking up exhausted.

Last weekend was my brother’s birthday. Not only did I have to drive home from St. Joe after a really long day on Thursday, but we were going out on Saturday. It would NOT be an early night. I had to start staying awake longer or I was going to crash on the toll road, probably outside of Toledo.

So, all last week I forced myself to stay up until 10PM and get out of bed by 7AM. Oh my god, it was TORTURE- Pure, freaking, torture that I’ve yet to recover from. Obviously, I didn’t die on the toll road outside of Toledo… but geez. It was touch and go there for awhile (PS? Thank you, Starbucks and your over-caffeinated EVERYTHING- you save lives).

This week hasn’t been any better. I’ve been in the studio filming all week. Being the director, I’m kind of expected to stay awake, so I’ve been sleeping a TON again in preparation. In bed early, up at the latest possible minute… and still, with all this sleep, I’m exhausted.

I refuse to believe that I’m just going to be tired for the rest of my life, so I’ve decided there’s something wrong with me. I googled “exhausted all the time” and wasn’t happy with any of the options provided. If I’m going to be suffering from something, it should at least sound more interesting than “anemia.”

I think I’m just going to have to find a doctor willing to make up a smart enough to discover a new disease.

In the meantime? I’m going to bed.

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