Tuesday, November 17, 2009

An open letter to Seinfeld for #TVTuesday

It's #TVTuesday! And so the themes continue...

Dear Seinfeld (as in the show as a whole, not the person by

When you were originally on the air I hated you. No, really- I seriously hated you. I didn't find one thing redeeming about any of your characters and I thought most of the plots were stupid.

I haven't seen the show in years and I had no problem with that. Recently, I've been catching repeats in syndication on some channel or another here. It kills me to admit this, but I laugh out loud at least twice during every episode. Maybe I just didn't get it before, I don't know. I still think most of the characters are repulsive, but it's freakin' hysterical. I love the sarcasm and the guest stars. Almost all of them are famous now (even if they weren't then). Maybe you were on to something, Seinfeld.

The episode I just saw was the one where they're casting for a show based off of Jerry's life. Jeremy Piven auditioned for George and Mariska Hargitay auditioned for Elaine. I can't believe how hard I laughed, and I really can't believe I might actually be a Seinfeld fan, now.

Love, Megan


  1. Oh, how I too love Seinfeld!!! I have every season and know way too much trivia about it!! If you ever wanna chat about it, let me know!!

    Love, Cindy

  2. I think its possible that the show becomes funnier when you start to see those conversations about nothing filling every waking moment of people you know and interact with.
    Keep watching, you might just see those characters appear all around you.


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