Saturday, November 7, 2009

An open letter to Red Rock Canyon

Dear Red Rock,

For 3 and half years I lived 20 minutes away from you. I've been hiking, climbing and scrambling at almost all of your various trails... but I wish I'd gone more. I haven't given you enough credit. You, Red Rock, are amazing, invigorating, exhilarating, challenging and a hell of a lot of fun.

My dad, brother and I went hiking along your Calico trail today. It was a blast. The weather was perfect- not too hot, not cold, sunny. We challenged ourselves, got a little scared, pushed ourselves past what I thought we could do and didn't fight for the entire 2 hours we were gone. :) That's a feat, Red Rock. Seriously. My brother and I argue like it's our job.

My body is sore. My muscles ache. I have rock burn on my butt (I'm a slider, what can I say?). Who cares though? I had so much fun. We could've stayed out for hours longer if I had the right shoes and we had more water. :)

Thanks, Red Rock, for an awesome morning.

Love, Megan

P.S. My dad took the picture of me and my brother (Brian). Mom, I promise it's not as scary as it looks. ;)


  1. I was just looking at the photo, thinking "how the hell did she get out onto that edge?" lol


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