Friday, November 27, 2009

An open letter to everyone at Kohl's today

Dear fellow Kohl's shoppers,

I understand that today was Black Friday and that the doorbuster sales at Kohl's were AMAZING, but oh MY God. It was insanity in there. Insanity. I know I was there, too, but it was a fluke. Kohl's had something on a great sale that I needed. Ok, I know I'm totally making excuses, but those are my reasons. I'd love to hear everyone else's excuses.
Ok, the line we were in wasn't THIS bad.
Both lines literally stretched half way around the (very big) store and practically met in the middle. Everyone was bumping in to each other and cutting each other off. I can't figure out what was so amazing at that store.

I hope everyone got what they wanted and you can all rest easy that I got what I needed for the sale price. There would have been hell to pay if I hadn't.

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