Friday, September 25, 2009

An open letter to Ahern Rentals

Dear Ahern,

I have worked for you for 3 years, 4 months and 24 days. Today, that all ends. At 5:oo PM in Las Vegas, I'll be done. I'll be gone. But what I gained from my time there won't be.

In the last three years, I've grown up in every way- personally and professionally. I can thank and blame you for most of that. Here's what I learned from my time at Ahern:
  • Family can come from 10 people forced to work in the same small space.
  • The best way to feel good about your job is to do a good job.
  • Some people just suck for no reason at all.
  • Not everyone will like you.
  • Sometimes you want things that are bad for you.
  • Learning Activities are a way of life.
  • Document everything.
  • Know why you're doing something.
  • Call, don't email.
  • Set goals.
  • Set calendar reminders.
  • Don't obsess over the little things.
  • Don't micro-manage.
  • Let people know when you appreciate them.
  • Celebrate other people's success.
  • Learn all the time.
  • Value your education even if no one else does.
  • Inexplicable stains are not deadly (at least, I don't think so).
  • Ask an expert.
  • Sociopaths are far more common than people think.
  • Find your people, be there for them and hold on to them.
  • A conversation with your best friend CAN be a meeting.
  • Scissor lifts are awesome.
  • Everything can change in an instant.
Thanks, Ahern, for 3 years full of frustration, success, growth, happiness, tears and adventure. There was never a dull moment and I'll always have a place in my heart for you.

Love, Megan

P.S. We're still Unbreakable:


  1. "Scissor Lifts"...hmm, I need to check into one of those. Or, should I say a 'pair' of those!

  2. Hmmm... one or a pair... I like pair. Let's go with that.

  3. Nice Touch! Something tells me you're going to be missed....


  4. Thanks, Anonymous. Much appreciated. :)

  5. MEGAN!!!! you have hit it right on the head i am so glad to see that someone else feels the same way , i ended my three year career there as a sales rep last week !!! THANK HEAVEN

  6. i loved ahern rentals at one time myself. there is a dark side to the company that has ruined many lives. don has a little guido sidekick that he lets pull the strings at several locations. branch managers are treated like kids and dont have any power at all. moral in the shop is always down because you never know when your b.m or who else is next. especially if the guido sidekick or his (mod) cronies has it out for you

  7. I have worked for Ahern about the same...since march of '09 and I completely agree and understand what your saying. I have been throught it all starting from a small engines mechanic in the yard to coming in to managie the parts room and purchasing all resale items in our (10,000 sq ft) -- a lot of good as come from it through personal growth and mentally, but on the flip side there also is wayyyy more bad than people realize...pretty much a love / hate relationship


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