Sunday, March 8, 2009

An open letter to The Daily Beast

Dear The Daily Beast,

I love your website. I find it to be the perfect combination (for me) of serious news and crap. It's entertaining and I really enjoy clicking around the site to learn new things. I love your daily Cheat Sheet and the Buzz Board.

But, this letter isn't about all of the wonderful things about your website. It's about one very specific wonderful thing I discovered tonight. So wonderful, in fact, that I stayed up later than planned to write this blog. You inspired me.

I came home from a Birthday celebration tonight (Happy Birthday @abbyro!) and checked my email. I get a daily mailing from The Daily Beast and it never fails to seduce me in to checking out the website.

Well, this time I found this article on your site: 5 Shameless Celebrity Endorsements. The basic point of the article is to poke fun at celebrities for doing endorsements because the economy sucks... Well, I wasn't entertained by the 5 NEW endorsements... BUT- The bonus one you featured was AMAZING. Not only does it include TWO crazy commercials in one, but the commercials are foreign and feature two of my favorite celebrities. I've already watched it 6 times. So, I'm sharing it here on my blog.

Thank you, The Daily Beast, for making my day.

Love, Megan


  1. Was that Meg Ryan? If so, she looks way better than the last time I saw her.

  2. Boy, those are weird!! Must be old ones they rereleased!! How young Leo looked and Meg too!! Just how long have they had GPS? Also, don't you wonder who the husband was?? Only showed him in the shot where it was their shadows...maybe Leo again(TeeHee)

  3. The Daily Beast is just another cowardly mainstream blog that will let anybody post whatever they want as long as they are giving lip service to a "conventional wisdom" pack of lies but if you post uncomfortable truths you'll get banned. And their editing sucks as well; I've read high school newspapers that were better edited. It's about 60% useless tabloid celebrity trash pseudo-news, 30% non-newsworthy items of general political interest posing as news and about 10% decent newsworthy stories. Their writers are terrible. In other words it's a waste of time.


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