Friday, March 13, 2009

An open letter about cleaning my car and the treasures it holds

Dear... Everyone,

This post is not your conventional Love, Megan open letter... It's a "video blog" open letter. It was fun. I used my iSight, iMovie and photos from iPhoto. I'm a Mac. Without further ado, here it is- My first "video blog" (I promise I'll stop using the quotes):

Oh, Mom? I promise I'm putting all that stuff away. Thanks for watching, guys!

Love, Megan


  1. Awesome video blog! I was really laughing when you pulled the one shoe out. That was awesome! Great stuff. Adding ya to my google reader. :)

  2. Oh, honey! YOu are your mother's daughter! You should see the inside of my car!!!!! I'll bet that's where my shoe is too!

  3. Wahaha. Cuteness. There was a lot of crap in your car. *states the obvious* Lotta crap in your car keeper. :-) Enjoyed the post!

  4. Just been reading your blog (in reverse order), and think it's fantastic :)


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