Thursday, February 12, 2009

An open letter to Erin on her 18th birthday

Dear Erin,

Happy, happy Birthday! I cannot believe that you're 18 years old. You make me feel old. :)

I'm so lucky to have you. I mean, how may teenagers still admit to having a babysitter? But you've always been so much more than "a girl I babysit." There should be a word for it- like sister, cousin or friend. A combination of those might start to do it justice.

I've known you since you were two years old. I'm pretty sure you were the cutest thing I'd ever seen. I've been thinking a lot about the time we spent together:
  • Birthday parties
  • Dance recitals (You were so cute!)
  • Talks we would have when I put you to bed
  • Your 1st communion party
  • Christmas parties...
So many memories, it's hard to do any of them justice. But here's two that make me smile:
  • Making my first movie in High School. You were awesome! Remember we had to melt the chocolate on that cookie and rub it all over your face? You hated it, but you were such a good sport.
  • New Year's Eve! We had a lot of great New Year's parties at my parent's house, but I remember one year specifically- It was me and you, Megan, Matthew and my friend Heather. We played music in the backroom and danced around like crazy people while Matthew played the "air drums." We took SO many pictures.
Thanks for being a part of my life all these years. I can't wait to have more stories to tell and memories to share. I hope you have an awesome 18th birthday... Things get better and worse from here, but the journey is worth it.

I love you, Er. You have no idea. Happy Birthday!

Erin's sister, Megan, me and Erin - before my senior prom.  May, 1999

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